Tips from Demaurio Clark for Good Personal Financial Hygiene

Demaurio Clark financial literacy is a much-needed thing but not taught in our schools. Mostly, we may learn it on our own, whereas some get it right, and many may go wrong with it. As we can see around, many of us make many bad financial decisions or fall prey to financial scams. In this article, we are discussing some fundamental practices to be followed to manage our finances better. You may consider these practices in order, not to all into any financial troubles.

Demaurio Clark finance best practices

  1. Prepare a budget

For businesses and individuals alike, a personal budget is an important first step to plan and maintain your financial health. A well-made budget will help you to:

  • Figure out how much you can afford to spend and for what.
  • Keep track of where your money is going.
  • Set your financial targets and follow appropriate spending practices.
  • Have a realistic plan for a secured financial future
  • Watch your spending

The capitalistic world around us puts a lot of pressure on us to make us spend money. The consumer culture is expanding day by day, so it takes a lot of effort to be more disciplined to distinguish your wants from needs. If you want to maintain a secured financial position, then don’t let your random desires for the latest smartphone or a fancy car let you spend more money than what you can afford at that point. Be proud of saving money by setting aside your wants, but not needs.

  • Pay off your debts effectively

If you tend to accumulate a lot of debt as credit card payments or loan repayment, etc., then it may ultimately be a problem if you lose control over it. So, take corrective measures before the problem spins out of your control. While you are repaying debts, try to pay a little more than the minimum monthly payment if it will help to pay off your debts faster. As per Demaurio Clark‘s expert suggestion, you may use the funds you free up by cutting expenses to pay off your debts. As the best practice, you may put extra money towards the smallest debts first or towards the one which has the highest interest rate to get rid of those first.

  • Be cautioned about the debt relief programs you try to avail

If you find your credit card debts had gone out of your grip, then you may consider getting the assistance of a Consumer Credit Counseling Service or the Debt Settlement plans. These can offer you advice on proper debt management plans to get you off your debt-related chaos. There are many modes of debt management, like negotiating over the interest, relaxed balance settlement, etc. However, your credit rating may get harmed by this approach. So, before resorting to debt settlement programs, always check your credit status and how debt counseling will affect it in the future.

Along with these measures, you should also closely monitor your credit and try to build your credit score up. It is also important to assess and understand the scams to keep away from maintaining a good financial stance.

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